Pitching Instructions

The X-Mid tents are very simple to pitch, however, there are some things to consider for maximum performance. For this, we recommend watching the video below but we also have written instructions following that.

Basic Pitch:

1. Stake out the rectangular base (i.e. stake one end, pull out a 3rd corner at 90 degrees, pull last corner taut).
2. Inspect your rectangle to make sure it’s reasonably accurate (not skewed into a diamond). Adjust if needed.
3. Tighten the corner tensioners to pull the base tight (this will limit the poles to the right height)
4. Add the two poles and extend firmly until the fly is tight (poles will be handles up in the Pro series tents and tips up in the other models).

Durston Gear Pitch Guide


It is best to correct any issues with the pitch before you add more stakes to reinforce it. There are two common issues which are explained the most clearly in our video above (please watch that), but if you prefer text here they are:

1. Loose Sides

Problem: The rectangular base was not tight when the poles were added. Like this, when the poles are added it pulls the corners in.
Solution: Lower the poles to take tension off the corner seams, snug up the base, re-extend the poles.

2. Loose Ridgeline or Wonky Canopy

Problem: The base was not staked in an accurate rectangle but instead was skewed left or right. Depending on the direction of the skew, the fly will be loose on one diagonal (along the ridgeline, crossing the ridgeline).
Solution: As the diagram below explains, use the corner tensioners to adjust the corners back into a proper rectangle. Most likely you will loosen two opposite corners that were quite tight and tighten the two opposite corners so the tent is more evenly tensioned. Then extend the poles more to make everything tight.

Durston Gear Pitch Guide

Storm Pitch

To strengthen the pitch for storms, we recommend the following in this approximate order of importance:
1. Make sure your basic pitch is good (tight everywhere). It is best not to add more stakes to compensate for core issues. Get the core pitch right and then add more stakes to reinforce.
2. Add the peak guylines. Stake these out along the ridgeline or angled more towards the door walls if the wind is to the broad side.
3. Stake out the doorways. Angle the stake to reduce tension on the zipper. If your tent has shockcord at the door and/or end wall stake points, consider replacing this with static cord and stake these points to better anchor the peak. The static cord eliminates stretch for a more solid pitch.
4. Add the side panel guylines and stake these down on the same angle of slope as the roof panels so they are pulling against the peaks. Do not pull the sides out substantially.
5. Add more stakes around the perimeter as needed.