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Quick answers to common questions!

Normally these charges you see pending with your bank are called pending authorizations and will simply vanish after the bank realizes payment wasn't captured on these unsuccessful attempts.

If you are receiving an error message when trying to check out, it is usually in reference to mismatched card information.

If you are not seeing an error message, but your order is auto-declining, it could be that the order is being flagged as potentially fraudulent either by our system or your bank.

Should you continue to run into issues, your best bet is to try another checkout method. These include Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. For international customers, we've seen better success with PayPal. Keep in mind, you do not need a PayPal account. Select PayPal as your checkout type, and you'll have the option to 'Continue as a Guest'. From there you can manually type in your credit card details.

Hopefully, this information helps and you're able to get your order placed successfully. If you've exhausted all your options please let us know and we will see if we can come up with another solution!

Unfortunately we do not offer these types of discounts. When we do have a promotion, we are usually pretty upfront about it and will advertise it. A lot of our products are under strict requirements by brand owners to stay at a certain price point, while we also believe our pricing model is incredibly competitive already.

We at Kaviso carry the classic X-Mids, the Kakwa 40 and the Durston Gear Z-Flick poles. All other items are limited directly to durstongear.com and not something we carry on our site. Sorry about that!

This varies dramatically. You can get a complete breakdown of all of these charges by adding an item to your cart and starting the checkout process. On the shipping screen, you will see a breakdown of all of these fees should they apply to your country.

Sure! Use the contact form below and select 'Edit / Change an Order'. Enter your order number and your requested ship date, and we'll help get that set up for you.

Of course! During your hike you may find various info centers or stops that allow for packages. These are almost always sent USPS, so you'll want to make sure you plan accordingly. Depending on your location, it could take 3-5 days for your package to get to that location. So find a good place to stop 5+ days out, and you'll have the best luck!

In your shipping address, be sure to include verbiage such as 'General Delivery' or 'Hold for Hiker', so the location you are sending this to understands. This verbiage is great to add in line 2 of the address field!