Amazon Brand Partnerships

Not an Agency, Not a Distributor, Not a Retailer. Problem solvers

Legacy brands can’t rely on cookie cutter agencies for their Amazon business. The Amazon enigma is one that demands a dynamic, boots on the ground approach, one that can pivot and respond to the ever-changing marketplace. There are a seemingly infinite number of apps and software companies who are eager to contribute pieces and parcels to your Amazon landscape, but without demonstrated marketplace knowledge behind the wheel, it’s not likely to deliver much beyond the monthly subscription fees.

Kaviso offers a different approach.

We offer an all-encompassing, sustainable and collaborative partnership for premium brands. While it’s true we won’t work with just anybody, there’s a good chance if you’re reading this, you’re representative of the class of companies we enjoy doing business with.

Kaviso purchases inventory at wholesale pricing, and arranges for shipment to our warehouse location in Lewis Center, Ohio. In collaboration with brand owners and their representatives, we craft an Amazon strategy that is catered to your product catalog and the unique problems that come with it. We leverage the benefits of Vendor Central, including our Amazon-certified warehouse, against the advantages and drawbacks of Seller Central, and eliminate pain points and inefficiencies in our wake. Grey market dealers and those infringing on your intellectual property with be dealt with swiftly, another burden we remove from your to-do list.  

Beyond sales delivery method and behind the scenes, we deliver product page content that will make your marketing department blush. Combining existing assets with in-house design, we tell your authentic brand story in a way that reaches existing customers, instigates new ones, and drives conversion. Our organic optimizations and constant backend tweaks have proven to reduce reliance on paid advertising spend, reduce customer returns, and promote a sustainable environment for growth on Earth’s largest retail platform. We’re well versed and well established in Brand Registry, Brand Analytics, A+ content, and Amazon best practices, so you can rest assured your brand is taking full advantage of all Amazon has to offer.

Reporting tools - Customer feedback, search result metrics, consumer behavior insights, return percentage, conversion rates, packaging defects, Amazon Retail Analytics, along with sales reports and inventory aging, are all delivered to your inbox with an executive standing by to interpret results, on a weekly basis. Knowledge is power, and we import a constant stream of Amazon marketplace data to your teams to build from.

Frustration free packaging? Ships in own container? How about Amazon Renewed? Check, check, and check. We’ve got you covered. Kaviso assumes full responsibility of all inventory from our PO to the end user. We align our incentives alongside the brand - It’s in our best interest to make sure your operation is seamless and efficient.

Using these methods, we have served centuries old companies and cutting-edge innovators alike. We’ve collaborated with brands to create our own Amazon-exclusive product lines, which are pin-pointed to Amazon success (and can regularly be found in the best seller ranks of their respective category).

That’s our short version. If you’d like to know more or think we could be a good fit for you, drop us a line.