Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)

Kaviso x QSP Penguin FatCarbon Titanium Frame Lock Knives with S35VN Blade Steel Pocket
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)
Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)

Kaviso x QSP Penguin (Round 3)

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The Kaviso x QSP Penguins collabs have quite a reputation. Eye-catching aesthetics, rare materials, and unique finishing touches a la the Penguin Pivots are all expected at this point with each new edition.

Round 3 of our best selling collaboration is now in production – Check out The Drawing Board poll results below to see the three winning configurations.

We will also be releasing full hardware kits and Penguin Pivots in five different titanium finishes to enable additional customization at launch.

NOTE: Round 3 will also feature our updated removable thumb studs (from the Kaviso x QSP Penguin Plus). Not pictured in mock-ups below.

Kaviso x QSP Penguins


Feel free to yell at us about stuff.

The collaborations between Kaviso and QSP Penguins have earned quite a reputation. Striking aesthetics, uncommon materials, and distinctive finishing touches, exemplified by the Penguin Pivots, have become par for the course with each new release. Round 3 stands out as particularly exceptional, as every facet of these remarkable companions was selected through the Drawing Board Poll results.

Over 2,000 votes shaped the creation of these whimsical feathered friends, and we're delighted to present another community-inspired masterpiece tailored to your preferences. A blade of gratitude to all who joined us on this cutting-edge creative expedition!
In the whimsical words of Dr. Seuss, theres a wocket in my pocket! Alas, no wockets here, but behold the vivid and lively FatCarbon scales adorning these penguins as a delightful substitute.

Choose between the radiant hues of Mars Valley in orange and red, harmonized by the allure of cyan accents. Alternatively, embrace the victorious, poll winning, Toxic Storm, featuring carbon fiber with a greenish-yellow charm and titanium dressed in a lively green—an ideal companion for the impending flu season!

Concluding the third act is the dashing Arctic Storm, crafted by meticulously vertically slicing a solid block of carbon fiber—an infrequently employed technique due to its demanding precision. These frosty handles are elegantly accompanied by accents of icy blue titanium.
In the world of Kaviso x QSP Penguins, top-tier components are non-negotiable. Round 3 Waddlers proudly feature familiar specs like S35VN steel blades, titanium hardware, a titanium clip, and the distinctive penguin pivot screw. Introducing a new element in this round, the thumb studs borrowed from the Penguin Plus and Penguin Mini models boast a more rounded and refined shape, elegantly anodized to complement your selected hardware.
After sifting through around 400,000 customer service emails, we've heeded the call and are delivering what you've all been clamoring for: Full Hardware Kits to enhance your existing Titanium Penguins. We have also re-stocked the Penguin Pivots in new colorways.

Limited in supply, these comprehensive anodized titanium kits cover pivots, screws, clips, backspacers, and updated thumbstuds. Additionally, new show side handle scales, offered in FatCarbon Dark Matter Glow, and Toxic Storm, are up for grabs. We're wagering these kits will vanish faster than your Christmas cookies, so snag one before they disappear!
Knife Type Manual Folding Knife
Opener Dual Thumb studs
Lock Type Frame Lock
Best Use Everyday Carry
Manufacturer QSP
Country of Origin China
Blade Material CPM S35VN
Blade Finish Stonewashed / Satin / Black
Blade Shape Sheepsfoot
Blade Grind Flat
HRC Satin & Stonewashed 59-61, Black 58-60
Handle Material FatCarbon, Titanium
Bearings Ceramic Ball Bearings
Spine Jimped
Clip Titanium
Pivot Screw T8 Torx Screw
Handle/Clip Screws T6 Torx Screw
Hardware Titanium
Blade Length 3.1 in (7.87 cm)
Blade Width 0.88 in (2.23 cm)
Overall Length 7.1 in (18 cm)
Closed / Handle Length 4.0 in (10.16 cm)
Handle Width 1.0 in (2.54 cm)
Handle Thickness 0.46 in (1.17 cm)
Weight 2.54 oz (72 g)
In the Box Display Box
Two QSP Stickers
Authenticity Card

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
My new favorite Penguin

My Dark Dark Matter Glow Penguin is fantastic! It came with a blazing sharp edge and the scales are great. Very light weight and has a snappy action. I’m thrilled

Kenneth B.

Beautiful Timacus,

Justin A.
Amazing knife overall! The QSP

Amazing knife overall! The QSP Penguin speaks for itself. With the Kaviso collaboration, it just amplifies everything great about the Penguin! Truly a beautiful knife and by far one of my favorites in my collection!

James H.
Great looking penguin! The carbon

Great looking penguin! The carbon scale takes a little weight off. Feels great

Lucas C.
Love this knife, the style,

Love this knife, the style, materials, action, sharpness are all great. And the penguin pivot cap is a great touch.


Love this knife! Extremely well built. Small size makes it perfect for EDC with formal wear.


Love this knife! Extremely well built. Small size makes it perfect for EDC with formal wear.


Toxic masterpiece of a continuing story of Penguin. Fantastic look that keeps this blade and set up a high contender in EDC choices. Sharpness that can slice and dice anything. Great product.

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