Kaviso x Kirby Raine S35VN Frame Lock Folding Knife

SKU: Kaviso x Raine (KAV-20223-3)

Kaviso x Kirby Raine S35VN Frame Lock Folding Knife

SKU: Kaviso x Raine (KAV-20223-3)
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A big thank you to everyone who participated in our inaugural community poll, now dubbed The Drawing Board and being replicated for future collaborations and other exciting projects. The Kaviso x Kirby Raine represents an ongoing trend to deliver community-input-infused knives to the market with minimal markup, maximum upgrades from notable designers, and new tweaks to time tested favorites.

To land on these five future famous frame lock folders, we selected the top three most popular choices from our website poll, and also incorporated community feedback regarding blade finishes and non-carbon fiber handle options.

Kaviso x Kirby Raine poll results:

  • Titanium Handles with FatCarbon inlays:
    Dark Matter Purple CF, Purple Ti, Satin Blade
    Dark Matter Copper CF, Copper Ti, Stonewashed Blade
    Dark Matter Copper CF, Copper, Ti, Satin Blade
    White Storm CF, Gray Ti, Stonewashed Blade
    Natural Burlap Micarta, Gray Ti, Stonewashed Blade
    Lava Flow CF, Copper Ti, Satin Blade
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Kirby Raine Results


Feel free to yell at us about stuff.

We’re pleased to announce our first community-informed collaboration: The Kaviso x Kirby Raine. Revised with CPM-S35VN and poll-winning finishes from our Drawing board, this crop of beefy folders are sure to impress. Measuring 8.2 inches long and weighing nearly 6 ounces, the Raine is a flat-out beast. And while it’s certainly sized for heavy-duty cuts, it doesn’t sacrifice even a smidge of grace - scale options range from Burlap Micarta to a selection of FatCarbon composites.

Kirby designed blades are becoming increasingly scarce and reserved for collectors (and collector budgets) only. For the knife nuts here at Kaviso, it felt like the perfect time to release some fresh Kirby designed blades onto the scene. Produced with only high quality (and hard to find) materials, Kirby’s knives are eye-catching works of art with no detail overlooked.
A good knife is only as good as its handle. That’s why we started with a reliable 6AL4V titanium frame on the Raine, which can be found in all of Lambert’s custom folding knives. Thanks to the caged bearing system (and the 3.5-inch blade’s hefty build), the knife snaps open with authority with a simple press on the flipper tab. To make the flipper even more comfortable, the bolster is rounded and cornered—a design element that can only be achieved through CNC machining. Looking at the Raine from the spine, you’ll notice a floating backspacer that perfectly matches the contours of the handle. To complete the knife, it’s fitted with a titanium clip.
Developed by Crucible Industries (one of the leading manufacturers of specialty steels for the cutlery industry) and Chris Reeve (arguably the most famous knifemaker in the world), S35VN is perhaps the most balanced blade steel ever created in terms of all-around performance. It’s made through a process of powdered metallurgy known as CPM, which results in near perfect consistency in the distribution of carbides. Compared to conventional melting practices, the CPM process produces a steel characterized by superior dimensional stability, grindability, and toughness.
Kirby Lambert has been collecting folding knives since the age of 7. Considering his upbringing in the Canadian countryside, he had plenty of reasons to carry one—however, it wasn’t until studying fine art at the University of Calgary that Lambert realized his knack for craftsmanship. Later he met knifemaker Brian Lyttle, who taught him the skills and dedication needed to make his own knives and turn passion into reality. In the 27 years since he officially stepped onto the scene, Lambert has become one of the most respected knifemakers in the industry. To that end, he won the award for “Best Tactical Folder” at Blade Show 2016 and served as the Vice President of the Canadian Knifemakers’ Guild.
A small and highly respected original equipment manufacturer in China, Reate was founded in 2012 by David Deng, a longtime knife enthusiast with a background in mechanical design and manufacturing. Since starting the business, Deng has expanded its capabilities to offer key services like wire EDM precision cutting, laser engraving, CNC milling, low-temperature tempering, custom hand finishing, and more. Owing to the company’s impressive work, Reate has earned the opportunity to work with knifemakers around the world, including names like Liong Mah, Tashi Bharucha, David Mosier, Eric Ochs, and Todd Begg.
Knife Type Manual Folding Knife
Opener Flipper Tab
Lock Type Frame Lock
Best Use Everyday Carry
Manufacturer REATE
Designer Kirby Lambert
Country of Origin China
Blade Material CPM S35VN
Blade Finish Stonewashed / Satin
Blade Shape Recurve Drop Point
Blade Grind Hallow Saber
Handle Material Titanium Frame with FatCarbon Bolsters
Handle Finish White Storm: Stonewashed Titanium
Burlap Micarta: Stonewashed Titanium
Dark Matter Purple: Anodized Ti Purple
Dark Matter Copper: Anodized Ti Copper
Lava Flow: Anodized Ti Copper
Backspacer Finish White Storm FatCarbon
Burlap Micarta
Dark Matter Purple FatCarbon
Dark Matter Copper FatCarbon
Lava Flow FatCarbon
Black Camo FatCarbon
Bearings Caged ceramic-bearing system, hardened washers
Spine Jimped
Clip Milled titanium, right-hand tip-up carry
Hardware Titanium (Torx T6 and T8)
Blade Length 3.5 in (8.9 cm)
Blade Thickness (Spine) 0.16 in (4 mm)
Blade Thickness (1mm behind apex) 0.01 in (0.3 mm)
Overall Length 8.2 in (20.8 cm)
Closed / Handle Length 4.7 in (11.9 cm)
Handle Thickness 0.6 in (1.5 cm) without clip, 0.7 in (1.9 cm) with clip
Weight 5.8 oz (164 g)
In the Box Kaviso x Kirby Raine Knife

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