The Results are In!

Penguin Round 2 Updates

The first batch of Carbon Fiber and Mokuti Penguins are nearly sold out, and we're humbled by the feedback, Reddit posts, and general buzz these sharp dressed waddlers have generated. Behind the scenes we've been collaborating with QSP on Round 2 of the Penguins, and we want to hear from you on an integral component of the knives - the pivot screw.

The Penguin Pivot

QSP Penguin

We've gone through several iterations of in house design with the goal of getting a penguin pivot into the world. We drew inspiration from the flames of the QSP logo combined with the outline of a penguin to create the flaming hot FIRE PENGUIN. Before venturing further down this creative path, we wanted to hear from you!

Vote below between the traditional pivot screw (blank, on the right) and the new Fire Penguin pivot screw (left). Keep in mind these will likely come in many different colors, and if it proves to be a winner, we will stock these screws for use on existing penguins out in the wild from Batch 1.

All Kaviso + brand collabs are meant to be fair priced, unique pieces to add to your EDC (or massive collection). We welcome input on Instagram, Reddit (frequently posting in r/knives, r/knifeclub), or via feedback here on the site. Make your voices heard!